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Ognisko Polskie was founded in 1940 to maintain the cohesion of the free Polish community in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. Following the war Ognisko Polskie became the center of social and cultural life for the Polish community in exile. It has served since to provide a home for Poles to meet and build friendships, as a place where Polish culture and history is kept alive and Polish identity and independence maintained.

In the 21st century Ognisko Polskie aims to continue to be a Centre of Polish life in the United Kingdom, where members can maintain and strengthen their relations with each other and the wider community, promote Polish culture through hosting events, supporting education and arts and providing a place where Polish generosity and warmth can be extended to all.

We are pleased to announce that Ognisko Polskie will develop a national Centre of Excellence to initiate, promote, implement and support the activities in the field of Culture and the Arts.

We will hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes and seminars both alone or with others. We will gather artists, critics, art lovers, representatives of the academic world and of those working in the cultural sphere both in UK and abroad.


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Latest Reviews

  • Hemar Theatre: The Misanthrope

    Date: From 19 September 2014 to 22 September 2014

    Molière is not only enormously funny, his wit pokes fun at serious situations which continue to be as fresh and relevant today as when The Misanthrope was first written hundreds of years ago in 1666, for production at the Théâtre du Palais Royal by the King’s Players. The Hemar Theatre Company’s decision to choose this as their first in house production in English is therefore eminently sensible and director Gigi Robarts has played to the strengths of her enthusiastic and vivacious young cast by directing it at speed, with some sensible cuts to the text that keep the main plot and characters in focus while maintain comic momentum. View

  • Off The Stage: Basia Trzetrzelewska

    Date: 24 May 2014

    Wyjątkową edycję OFF THE STAGE. 24 maja naszym gościem była legenda, światowej sławy artystka: Basia Trzetrzelewska. View

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Next Two Events

  • Talk by Alfred Lenarciak: Road to Freedom

    Date: 26 November 2014

    Lunch talk by Alfred Lenarciak: Road to Freedom. View

  • Monthly Members' Evening 11

    Date: 01 December 2014

    We are happy to announce the latest of our monthly Members’ Evenings. They take place on the first Monday of every month and will incorporate an interesting event, followed by a buffet with wine. At the moment we are very fortunate in being able to offer the ‘Musical Moments’ series of concerts to start those evenings. This month Opera Dinamico presents 'A Dinner Engagement'. View

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